Commonwealth Across the Road

So we’re well into the 2014 Commonwealth Games and I must say, I’m having a ball. I’m always the first to admit that I’m not a sports fan, never have been, and hopefully never will be. However, living so local to a lot of events is quite thrilling, being able to take a walk and […]

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Holloway Road Rush

Another throwback (it doesn’t have to be Thursday, does it?) to my trip to London back in November. Arriving in London, the first thing that struck me was the insane chaos of people rushing in their daily commute at 8:45am.

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Waiting for a Ride

Now here’s a throwback and a half: way back in last November when I was down in London, I took many, many photos. I lost interest in them for a little while but got bored the other day and began to rediscover them – they’re not too bad with a little bit of polishing up!

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Graduation for One, Please?

My sister graduated today. After a good four years of blood sweat and tears, she has left university for good and now ends the education chapter of her life. Congrats to her, but commiserations to me, I have to go through it all next. I’ve never been forced to do anything, but my parents really […]

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Day One of Probably None

Well would you look at that? I’m blogging – savour the moment while you can! Hi. Remember me? I’m supposed to be resident blogger here on MY blog. I’ve not been very “resident” however. In fact, it seems like I’ve not posted for months. I make no apology for it however. I’ve been a busy […]

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I’m Clapping my Hands

Tradition has it, that when one is happy, one should clap one’s hands. Well, in tribute to this tradition, I too am now clapping my hands. Why? Because, I am a free human being at perhaps one of the most enjoyable moment of my life. At the tail end of not last week but the […]

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Everyday is Sunday

I couldn’t believe when I saw this in the early days of my phone’s camera roll that I have never posted this photo before; my favourite photo I have ever taken. It must have been taken during the summer last year and I remember I captured this peaceful and quiet scene in the seaside town […]

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Appreciating Bad Films

Having just finished watching “The Box”, a ‘psychological thriller’ starring Cameron Diaz, James Marsden and Frank Langella, I’ve discovered my hatred for films. I only watched the film because I was needing some light entertainment to round off my day. I couldn’t have chosen a worse film when looking for ‘light’. I was prepared for […]

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Two Faced (Not So Big Ben)

Another from the London collection – Big Ben itself! Well, actually, I suppose that is incorrect since ‘Big Ben’ is the name given to the famous bell. I believe the structure goes by the name of St. Stephen’s Tower. Please don’t shoot me down if Google has failed me in finding this out… My reasoning for including “Not So […]

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A Vision of London

It was so strange when we arrived in London. One minute, we were travelling through some streets, just off of the motorway and the next, we were slap-bang caught in a traffic jam in the centre of London. We went on the Thames River Cruise and I managed to sneak a few nice, crane flooded photos whilst […]

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Did You Miss Me?

Wow! Long time, no writey! Yeah, I think it is safe to say my “January Break” went a little longer than I would have wanted! But I’m back and I’m ready to blog, blog blog! So, what’s happened recently? Not much really. Started the year with a family bereavement, which I am sure you can […]

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