The Boom: Chapter 4

I skipped a week of  “The Boom” due to the length of the chapter (despite it still being rather short) and due to the limited time I had. Well, here is the next chapter… Enjoy! Like a ragdoll, I am being thrown around all over the place. Eventually, I feel myself being lodged onto one […]

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“The Boom” – Chapter 3

It’s Saturday! And what does that mean I hear you ask? Well, it means the next chapter of “The Boom” is published! Well, here it is! Again, a short chapter but it has to end here! We’re at a really good bit and I’m hoping for the next chapter or two to be really thrilling […]

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The Boom: Chapter 2

Well would you believe it! – It has been roughly a week since I published “The Boom: Chapter 1″ which I loved writing and believe it or not, through Twitter and email, I got quite a good bit of feedback! I may start a feedback page where I’ll post some of the feedback which people […]

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The Boom : Chapter 1

Greetings reader o’ mines! – Welcome to a new creative writing project I am working on entitled “The Boom”. I plan on publishing a new chapter roughly every week, right here on my blog!  I am loving writing it and I hope you love reading it! You can also read it on the official page […]

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