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Remember me?

Umm… Hi.

You may remember me. I’m that kid that owns that blog called (such a weird name, I know) and you may have noticed that I have been… well practically dead really for the past week or so.

However, don’t fear! I am back and well! All the time I was away, I was doing important work for school, preparing for exams and completing coursework, which left me with no time to blog or do anything fun.

I’ve not much to talk about just now, but hopefully tomorrow I will have something to blab on about.

Before I go, I just want to thank people, because my stats have shot up dramatically with people reading my posts and having a look around from all over the world! Especially Hungary, where aparently, my blog was featured on Hungarian TV! But other countries such as the US and of course the UK, have been on my blog. And you may have noticed that this week I created a record for myself! I have gained over 1000 views in less than a week, and that’s without me even blogging that much!

I’m doing a lot of cool stuff next week, so I should have plenty to talk about. I am concentrating on Friday, where I’m getting out of school to go on a photography expedition with my photography and creative writing group from school! I’ll upload as many things as possible to here to share it with the world.

But until then,



My Week

I’ve been trying to get into the habit of doing this review of the week sort of thing, so here’s this week’s.

It turns out that this will be a very short blog post, as for the past week, I have hardly done a thing.

At the most, I’ve been playing about with the background and header, and I’ve uploaded a few photos but nothing else really, and why is this?

Well, as you may have read on the post, “STRESS” that I posted on Wednesday, I have been up to my neck in School work in the moment and I stil am, and will be for the next week or two. So, I do apologise.

One last thing before I go and dream about nice things, and ponies, I just want to mention the short post that I posted yesterday about Kony 2012. I really would appreciate it if you took a look at that post and helped this great cause by at least sharing the video as far as you can, as the video says, it’s free!

So that’s one more week over and done with and plenty more ahead of me. As for the weekend ahead, I’m not going to have as much “fun” as usual, as I really need to do a heck of a lot of school work.

How was your week?

Summer is here?

The past couple of days have been rather… what’s the word… summer like?

I don’t know what it is, but there are certain things that make a day feel summery.

One of the main things that make a summery day has to be the air. Now I know how stupid this sounds, but somehow, I think we can tell the season by the air. There’s a sort of presence in the air that helps us to sense. It may be a smell, and maybe even a taste!

English: Paythorne A summery view of the lane ...

Image via Wikipedia

Another thing is the light. Although it can be sunny no matter what the weather or season, there’s a certain thing about the light you get on a summer like day. The sky also usually makes a different, as long as their are some clear patches of blue sky, it’s a great summery day!

Cut grass certainly has an effect. The other day, when coming out of school, my friend and I smelt freshly cut grass. There is no greater smell, (well actually, there is a better smell; petrol of course.) And somehow, we both associated this with Summer.

But before I go any further, I must remind myself that it is only March, and Spring is slowly approaching. So if this is what the beginning of Spring, I can’t wait to see what this year’s summer is going to be like!

And I can’t wait to get out with my camera and go photo crazy! And don’t worry, (not that you are worrying though)


Yesterday, I performed in a concert and I couldn’t have been more nervous.

It was a concert connected to my piano lessons, but my teacher wanted me to play something by ear, which I do best. I decided weeks before the concert that I was going to play Celo Green’s Forget You, and weeks before, I got the nerves.

I felt like jumping off of a bridge, as it seemed better than performing in front of a fairly big crowd. But this always seems to happen to me! I always get the nerves when something like this happens! My brain just goes into autopilot, and crashes. And the spinning beach ball of doom pops up. Not really. 

en : A player piano in action performing a pia...

Image via Wikipedia

Part of my small performance, as it was a two hour concert with many youths like me performing, was to introduce my self along the lines of, “Hello! I’m Aaron, and I’m going to play Forget You by Celo Green, on piano.” but somehow, when rehearsing, instead, I said, “Hello I’m Aaron, and I’m going to forget you.” Lets just say that didn’t go down well with some people. 

But, I got up there, and I did it, and I never thought I’d say it, but I actually started to enjoy it near the end! And I at least got a decent round of applause. That was good enough for me!

And although this blog post may seem like a pointless one, I’m basically trying to tell you, that you should always forget about nerves, and enjoy performing, it is possibly one of the greatest feelings ever felt by mankind.

Merci Bucketo.


Why I Want To Spend My Life In School


Recently, in my English class, I was told I had to create a solo talk on practically anything, and to talk in front of my classmates tomorrow. However, as creating it in my head, I was typing it up, and I thought it made a pretty good Essay and blog post! So… here it goes! 



Teacher (Photo credit: tim ellis)

Teachers must be one of the most sophisticated species on the planet. Most are like tarantulas, they scare the living daylights out of people, and leave them poisoned with venom, or in the teacher’s case, boredom. However, some of them are like… Dolphins! People love them and love to be with them. Just not necessarily in water. And it’s because of these images connected to teachers, I want to be a teacher myself.

My earliest memory of wanting to be a teacher comes from when I was able to speak a decent sentence or two. When I was about three or four years old, I opened my very own school. In the world of Aaron of course. And in this school, I was a teacher, but the most I ever taught, was how to say something along the lines of  “Gobally Goo Gaa Gee GO!” . And of course my “Pupils” who were sat cross legged on my messy bedroom floor, were listening very attentively.

Time went on, and I attempted to learn the alphabet from being in Nursery, and I attempted to teach my imaginary class it.

“Now Children, repeat after me! A! B! C! D! F! R!P! W! Z! Well done you got it all correct, except from you Timothy! Go and stand in the naughty corner!”

So at that stage, I was just an ameteur. However, after entering the big bad world of primary education, I started to learn more. And the more I learnt, the worse a teacher I became…

“Listen and repeat after me children! One! Two! Three! Seven! Nine! Elleventy Three Fifty Forty! Well done children! Not bad for our first attempt children! BUT YOU TIMOTHY, HAVE BEEN VERY NAUGHTY! STAND UP NOW! I SAID STAND UP!”

And suddenly, I would pick this child up by the ear and through him into the school dungeon (my wardrobe) and make him suffocate and die of hunger and thirst.

And this was starting to become more and more of a habit in my class. First Timothy, then Tommothy, then Timothy.2! But luckily, for the children, the headteacher, (mother) caught me in the act and moved me on to fire-fighting instead. However, that did not go so well when I “accidentaly” blew up a candle, if that even is humanly possible.

But back to the point! Ever since a really young age, I have always wanted to be a teacher of some sort! And I still do! I just don’t play schools any more in my school…. EH I MEAN BEDROOM.

And as I got older, I realised that teachers do actually go through a hard time, with all of the teasing and taunting and rumours and rampages! And I must admit, some teachers do deserve a hard time not mentioning any names… And I know what you’re thinking! Typical Aaron, the geek, the nerd, the whatever! Backing up the teachers! But believe it or not, I’ve had my fair share of hard times from teachers just like anyone else here. I’ve had teachers brake glass when shouting at me, I’ve had teachers’ faces vibrating, and I’ve even been put outside like a new dog to a new household that’s just chewed all of the cables to pieces. But yes, I’ve been scarred for life by teachers, and many of them too!

And hey! I think I’d make a pretty good teacher! I would be the one that everyone talks about, everyone loves, and everyone wants to be with! I’d remember all the rough times I have personally had with teachers, and I would make sure I do not follow in their footsteps! And what would be better than knowing that you are teaching and inspiring people?

Even better, I could combine my talents and my passion together to create my dream Job! I love music! I love listening to it, I love playing it, and I love writing it! And that’s just what I’m going to do! I’ll become a Music Teacher! I could change many Music departments throughout my long career all throughout the world! I would make my mark on the world! And who cares if no one notices it, I will!

So watch this space, because you could be sending your children to the same school as your good ol’ pal, Aaron, is teaching Music. Yeah… that same man who used to fantasize about locking children in cupboards and leaving them to die. :)



“Nemesis: Into The Shadows” by Cathy MacPhail – Book Review!

Last night, at exactly 3:59 am, I finished one of the best books I have ever read in my life.

The book I was reading was the first of the series called, “Nemesis”. It was after meeting Cathy Macphail at an author visit in my school, that I felt as if I really wanted to read the book!

With almost three hundred pages in the book, I thought I would never finish the book. However, there was many a night when I just simply couldn’t put the book down!

Basically, without giving too much away, the story in the novel is about a boy who wakes up in a high story building, and finds a dying man in a lift. However, after a girl sees what she thinks is a boy murderer, the boy who later calls himself “Ram” has to run, and everyone in the town is looking for him. However, someone else is after him. Someone wants to kill him.

That’s all I’m going to say for now however, because you really have to read the book to appreciate it!  It should be available in all good book shops! And if it’s not, then it’s obviously not a good book shop!

It’s also really hard to put a genre to the book, because it has so many! There’s a heck of a bit of suspense in it, a whole lot of terror, a bit of depression, a good wee bit of comedy and even a little bit of romance at the end. I’m sure you couldn’t name any other book with so many genres!

Another thing that I love about this particular book, is how the author, Cathy MacPhail, uses different ways to tell the story. She tells it in the first person, AND the third person, which gives us the story from two points of views. I felt like stopping and re-writing the book, the amount of times that I was hanging off the end of my chair  and telling “Ram” to not do that and to do this and that!

This book is also really good at getting into your imagination! When my Dad  asked me what the book was about, I told him the full story as if I had just watched it on TV! And when reading the book,  I couldn’t stop imagining every single detail!

The other great thing about this book, is the time period that it is written. It could have been written in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and even early two thousands! But no, this is a really up to date book and when reading, it is hard to not relate to our own lives!

I could honestly write a book myself about how great this book is!  I’m to scared however, in case I give to much away!

So I only have one thing to say. Well two. Well actually, three.

Buy The Book

Read the Book

Love The Book


Childhood Horror

Yesterday, whilst watching a video of a demented bear on YouTube (don’t ask how I got there), I came across something that I had forgotten for years and terror struck me suddenly…


Image via Wikipedia

It was a clip from a British children’s television show called “Teletubbies” and it’s about four abandoned aliens who fell out of a tree at birth, and are now psychologically challenged. Well at least that’s my current opinion of it, younger children would probably see it as an educational program where human like creatures that talk like babies teach and play and work. 

It’s not the Teletubbies that scared me, it was one part from one episode that haunted the living daylights out of me as a child, I even used to get hallucinations of this terror!

So before I go any further, here is the horror Movie. Warning, children or adults of any age should hide. Now.

So first of all, we are haunted by, “It’s the bear! It’s the bear! And I’m coming!” in  a horrifying echo like voice.  If this were meant to be a horror film, I give you my word, it would be rated 21. Even at that, over 21′s would be terrified. It really is a terrifying moment!

And then we get acquainted with “the bear”. We see a cardboard cut out with massive eyes, and a scary face, mounted on a wagon like base. And then he and/or she describes herself. “I’m the bear! I’m the bear! With brown fuzzy hair!” And soon comes his and/or her demented laugh.

Then it hides and pops up, scrambling our brains and terrifying us.

And apparently it knows a joke. And the joke is, “Blub-a-lub-a-lub” according to the subtitles. Where is the joke in that, this thing is taking an exorcist attack thing, rolling it’s eyes about, waving it’s tongue and talking nonsense.

Then it turns out that it is hiding from it’s husband.

We are soon acquainted with it’s demented husband, who has a lisp. They make such a cute pair.

Like all married couples, they chase each other about, “Catch me he-he-he-he-he=he!” and chase each other into the distance.

So now do you see why I am such a dysfunctional child? I was brought up watching these horror Movies that were given silly names. If they banned the Exorcist from T.V, they should ban this! My life is affected! I am still scared of these things!

Someone please comment to sooth me. Please. PLEASE?!?!?!?

Night Life Night Light



I simply call this one, “Night Life Night Light” . Thanks to the fantastic view I get from my living room window, I got a lot of great snaps of the sun setting. This one however, has got to be one of my favourites! I love the natural image of night time in the background because of the sunset, and I love the man made image of light that is the glitter or as you may call them, “Street Lights”. 


Light Zooming By



Whilst experimenting with my camera, I came across a rather cool technique that I thought gave a great effect. Whilst my camera was snapping the picture, I would zoom in or out really fast (with manual zoom) and a great abstract picture would be produced. I call this one, “Light Zooming By” because of course of my new technique, but also because I was actually taking a picture of street lights in the distance! 


Pitch The Sunset



I call this one, “Pitch the Sunset” because of what it is. “Pitch” comes from the hidden goal post on the football pitch on the middle/bottom left hand side and “Sunset” well… doesn’t really need any explanation! 


Is It Time Yet?



I call this one, “Is it time yet?” because of the after effect of the editing process.  To me, I though the cross process effect and the fancy focus helped make the main (artificial) flower look as if it’s ready to perform, as if it’s been waiting a long time for this moment. 


The Moons



These were taken at night. Really? Yes. I simply call them, “The Moon”. Not full, yet not half, yet not crescent.

You Drive…



This one was taken on a cold January morning in an industrial life museum in Scotland. I entitle it, “You Drive…”. This is actually a signpost to tell tram drivers what speed to drive at, believe it or not! 


Fear Is Not The Word My Friend



This one was taken in December 2011, when Scotland was covered in snow. The textures of the tree showed up brilliantly with the flash, but can you see beyond the tree? I entitle this one, “Fear Is Not The Word My Friend”.


Level Up – It’s Competition Time!

English: The logo of the blogging software Wor...

I have been blogging for about three/four years now. I have always used WordPress, and I plan to ALWAYS use WordPress. I’ve had many blogs, ones that were so unsuccessful, I deleted them, and some slightly more lucky. This one,, seems to be my most successful yet. I’m close to 3,000 views, and I have about 40 followers. So…

Now that I have a growing audience, who are actually interested in my work, I have decided to go up one level, one more step up the blogging ladder. I have decided that I am going to get a domain, instead of just the , I’ll get the or something like that. But…

I’ve had so many Usernames, screen-names and free websites, that I have almost ran out. I do like “Hawth” but maybe it’s time for a change…

That’s why I’m Asking YOU! To get involved in this one.

If you can think of anything, even if you think it’s crazy, let me know! Here are a few simple rules:

English: www,domain,internet,web,net

Image via Wikipedia

  • You must agree to all of the terms listed in the entry form.
  • All entries should be unique and simple(ish). Spam is unwanted and not needed, and appropriate suggestions only.
  • You must fill in as much of the form below as honest as you can.

And finally, a few tips:

  • When suggesting/creating a name, try and keep it simple(ish) and try and relate to this blog in some way. For example, “FatButHealthyBoy” – The name comes from the popular post from a while back, “I’m Fat But Healthy” .
  • When giving your suggestion, there is no need to put the domain like “.com” or “.me” just the main body will do.
  • Don’t be afraid to get involved! I don’t bite! Well I haven’t eaten anyone in a few years anyway…
  • Get others involved – Make it a competition!

So, before I give you the fill in form below, I must let you know a few things, but there good things, don’t worry!

First of all, I’m not just using you. I’m not asking you to do this, because I can’t be bothered. I’m going to be thinking of some names too! BUT! If your suggested name is used, I will give you credit where due! I’ll have links and more built into the upgraded blog, with YOUR suggested name! I PROMISE that you will get credit, unless you feel like just giving me a freebie.

Second of all… actually, that’s all I really wanted to say. Sooooooo…

Here is the fill-in form. Be careful before submitting! Read over carefully.



Last night, I was devastated.

Having being at school for most of the day yesterday, and then (apparently) I was studying all night until about eleven.  It was just before switching the router off at night, that I checked my emails since I hadn’t looked through my inbox for that day.

Expecting the usual spam or junk mail, I was surprised to see an email from a real life person. I realised that the email was from WordPress, but it was because someone had contacted me through my contact page.

Giving the email a thorough look through, the thought that I was being taken a ‘len’ of, as the email was from someone from the BBC.

Being the “I’m Not Being Fooled” teenager, I went onto an online IP  address locater (not illegal, it gives the rough city that the address belongs in, and the company that owns it) and it turned out that it really was from the BBC. So, I read the email again…

I’m not going to tell you every single detail, but basically, BBC Scotland was wondering if I would have been interested or not to have a 10 minute spot to talk about how blogging can be therapeutic.

So here comes the devastation part…

I told you that I had read the email at roughly 11:00 PM . But it turns out, that the email was sent at 9:00 AM (roughly). So, me, being an idiot, and not checking my inbox in the morning, I realised that I was too late. They were needing a reply almost straight away, but obviously, I was too busy being a geek.

So, all in all, I did not go on the radio show… sadly…

However, I was glad to hear (after listening to the show on BBC iPlayer) that a great quality teenage blogger was asked to go on, and she did a great job! So congrats and well done to her!

So, to those at the BBC, thank you for your “invitation” and I apologise once again, for me being a total idiot.

And that’s all I really wanted to moan about today, but please, please, please take something back from this:



Hello, I’m 5,873,430,373 .

We’ve all had our moments, when we’ve been somewhere, and been with someone who treat us like dirt, and don’t appreciate us. We sometimes say that they might as well call us a number instead of a name. But what number exactly?

Drukte op station

Image via Wikipedia "7 Billion People in the world, and counting!

We couldn’t just call ourselves random numbers, could we? I don’t think so. We would have to come up with a system. And luckily, I just found one!

Thanks to this brilliant little web app, I know that I was roughly the 5,873,430,373th  person born into the world, and I am the 81,295,125,033rd person ever to have lived. (roughly)

So, I know you are dying to know where I got this info from, right? Well, since I am a nice person, I will share this with you.

It is actually a feature on BBC News, on an article about the population rising to 7 billion people. And so, to celebrate and for fun, the BBC have created a great little feature to help you find out what number of person born in the world you were.


So yeah, pleased to meet you, I’m 5,873,430,373  !




Wow. Just Wow. Today, has got to be one of my best online days, ever. Why?

You may have noticed on the sidebar of this blog, that I have  just over 2000 views on my blog, which, for me, is a huge accomplishment. It tells me that there are actually people out there, who read my content, and share my content. Weather they are regular visitors or not, they have shown me, that I have been blogging for a good reason.

There has been many days when I have thought that I had been blogging to no one. I felt like I was just blogging to myself. But now, thanks to you and many more, I have hit 2000 views on this blog, and I know that I am blogging for many people, and those people enjoy it.

So this short but sweet blog post is a thank you. A thank you to everyone who has supported me, from the very start of . And I also thank all of my regular visitors, followers, likers and sharers. And not forgetting the people who have been here at least once.

No matter how many times a person visits my blog, weather it be once in their life, or a hundred times, they have helped me to reach this milestone, and I am greatly thankful for that, and I appreciate that.

But before I go, I want to thank YOU. Whoever you may be, right now, you are on my blog. You are reading this post, and guess what, you just added another view onto the counter. So Thank You. Thank You so much.

And remember, this is only the beginning. I will continue blogging until, well, possibly until I die! And it’s all thanks to you.

Thanks Again,

Aaron. :’)

Teachers + Inspectors =


Over the  many years of being a school pupil, I have enjoyed watching teachers change completely, in the event that seems like torture to them. Inspectors.

We all know about inspectors. They are, stereotypically, the people who walk around dressed totally in black, who look at you, no matter what you do in class, and who wear their glasses right down to their nose. They also tend to hypnotise teachers.

However, before I can go any further, I must let you know that that is not my opinion. I try to think of inspectors as just normal people, who have lives just like us, and who are only doing their job!

So now that we’ve got that cleared, I want to talk about how teachers change, dramatically, once they hear news of an inspector.


Image by tim ellis via Flickr

For example, take Mr T. Teacher, a man who is devoted to discipline, but tries to be fair. Some of his pupils want him dead, and some of him, are happy he’s alive. He teaches Geography.

One day, he finds out that a group of inspectors is going to be coming to school the next week, and one on particular, is coming to one of his lessons. Without showing his emotions, he silently quivers, and begins to plan ahead.

“Will we be continuing to research this, next week, sir?” Asks a pupil, funnily enough named, “The Pupil”.

“Eh.. well… no, The, I’m afraid we won’t, however, we will be doing something rather different next Tuesday, but thank you for your concern.” Replies Mr Teacher.

This leaves the pupils baffled for a few days, until the actual day…

It is the following Tuesday, and Mr Teacher, is in surprisingly early, preparing for his first period, with S2 and the inspectors. Before he can do anything, the bell rings, and pupils start to flood in, and after them, the dreaded inspector. Mr Teacher kindly introduces Mr Inspector, and sees him to a table and chair at the back of the room. Suddenly, Mr Teacher switches the Smart-Board on, and starts the lesson.


“Okay kids, we have recently been looking at Volcanoes, and how they erupt, before we get into anything, lets start with a quick interactive game” says Mr Teacher, rather enthusiastically.

For the first five minutes, Mr Teacher  and the pupils play an interactive game on the Smart-Board, a device that is rarely used in Mr T’s class.

“Well done! You are all doing magnificently well! Now that we’ve got our brains going, lets get into groups, and listen attentively!” 

The pupils shuffle themselves around, relieved that they’ve got an easy period.

Meanwhile, the inspector sitting quietly at the back of the room, is scribbling down a few notes such as…

And the lessons continues, just as it started.


So do you see the point that I am trying to make? Teachers over-react to inspectors! Inspectors are like an exam. The exam is testing what you know, and don’t know, and the inspector is testing how well or how badly a teacher can do their job.

Personally, I think teachers just need to chillax, and get a grip of themselves! They should act normal, for the best results, instead of making a fool out of themselves!

So thank you for listening for today’s rant. I’m sure you have wisely spent a few minutes of your life, that you’ll never get back.



I have experienced time travel. Ish.


Yesterday, I set out in a photography quest. Not really, yesterday, I went to a museum/ heritage sort of place, where I tested out my new camera that I got for Christmas.

It wasn’t the first time I was there, I had been a few times before, but I couldn’t really remember the last time I was there! Anyway, it was going round the fascinating outdoor exhibits including 1940s and 1960s cottages, and old parts of factories, that I realised I was in a whole new world. Although there was plenty of modern-day civilisation around me,  I was imagining the life of someone my age in those days, an it made me think,

“Bloomin’ heck, I could never have lived in those days”

No Internet, no games consols. No computers, no iPods, no mobile phones, no luxury items.   Instead, a tiny TV in a living room, with very few channels, and restricted viewing hours given by parents. As well as that, scooters an balls and ropes and imagination- kids, even young teens, like me, we’re told to go outside and play, no matter what the weather. It terrified me, just thinking about a world without all of the technology and luxuries we have today, but there was one good thing that I wouldn’t mind now a days- discipline and control.

It’s fair to say that in those days, there were still people who thought they were better and tougher than others, but there was nowhere near what we live in today. The very thought of being caught by the police when doing something wrong terrified the life out of youths. It wasn’t the police themselves that scared them, but it was the thought of the rage and fury of their parents, when they found out about their wrong-doings. However, this never really happened, as parents had control over their children, unlike today’s world.

And that’s all I can say really, sadly, because it was then closing time for the museum. However, after that visit, I have a new outlook on life: appreciate what I have!

Here are only SOME of the photos I took in my time-travelling experience.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Christmas Wasn’t Christmas


So 5 days into the new year, and 11 days since Christmas, it occurred to me that not many people felt that Christmas didn’t seem very, well, Christmassy.

Christmas in the post-War United States
Image via Wikipedia

Some say it was because of the weather – for the past few years we’ve has snowy Decembers and even some white Christmases, so this year, since there wasn’t much snow around Christmas time, maybe we we just weren’t happy that we didn’t have a white Christmas at all.

Others say that there was a certain lack of “Joy” and “Happiness” and the usual “rush” . Shops still made millions, but apparently there just wasn’t that much talk of Christmas, and an unusual atmosphere for the time of year.

As for Christmas day, there just didn’t seem to be that usual feeling. Maybe, this is due to the fact that I am growing up, and realising new things and the whole thing about you know who…

I mean, in my household, we celebrated Christmas as usual, with lots of decorations, and we had our usual steak-pie dinner, and we had presents, but there was just that feeling as if someone had took half the colour away from a rainbow, but the rainbow was Christmas.

Another fact could be that people believe that that was the last ever Christmas. I’m talking about the people who believe that the world is going to end, just before Christmas, of this year. But I’m not going to ramble on about that, you can read what I think of that, here.

So, will next Christmas be back to normal, full of the Christmas cheer, the rush and joy? Or will it be the same as last year’s? Or worse?

YouTube: The Dream and the Problem

Español: Logo Vectorial de YouTube
Image via Wikipedia

Some of you may know that I have tried to vlog (video Blogging) in many different ways, in the not too far away past. And I have failed. Miserably. But there’s always that one little thing inside me that’s begging me to go back. However…

Thanks to advice from many different people, I have realised that being a vlogger on YouTube or anywhere really, can either help you or put you in danger.

For example, look at the likes of Charlieissocoollike and others like him. He started from quite a young teenage age, and now he is a YouTube partner (he gets paid for what he does, and gets special promotions) with over a million subscribers, and you can safely say it has changed his life, because he is kaoing a living out of what used to be just a hobby. And to be honest, some of his first videos were utter rubbish!

However there are dangers of being a vlogger. Dangers, that I nearly got involved in, had it jot been for someone saving

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me. What I was doing practically said, “Here, do whatever you want with me, come find me, I don’t care whoever you are, just know my life, and do whatever you want with it” and how exactly did I do this? Well, apart from making the most stupidest videos, I was basically giving my life away. Where ever I was online, I had lots of different information about me, scattered all about the place; from my full name to my email address, from my school to my location! I was the perfect Target for some sort of paedophile or someone like that. But thankfully, I got rid of all that stuff, and I know for 90% sure, that I’m much more safer online. So, lesson number one, be safe. But all that isn’t the only trouble with being a vlogger…

The next thing doesn’t really involve much of the safety things, but morr of the personal stuff, and “side effects” of being a vlogger. You need to be serious about what your doing. Not serious serious, but more like you enjoy what you do, and you are strong about what you do. I’m talking about the pressure and teasing that you get from the people around you. I call them one thing, and one thing only, “Jealous and cowardly twits”. There’s no better phrase, (actually, there probably is) to describe the ejits. Once they see one of your videos, and you’re in school the next day, there bound to say something like, “Oh hi! I seen your YouTube videos!” And then people start asking questions, but there are a few things that help me to overcome these things.
1) Don’t let them overpower. You, dont give them what they want, and stop your hobby – just shows you that they don’t have the guts to do what you’re doing.
2) If it does get out of hand, tell someone – because it can, and will be seen as a form of bullying!
3) When they do say things, turn around and say… “Did you like and subscribe?” Or, “At least you’re giving me the views, pal!” Just think of a smart comeback, and then they won’t be too quick in harassing you next time! who knows, thy might actually be vloggers themselves! It’s happened before!
4) Finally, never ever give up.

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So those are the things that have helped me in the past. And through my little time on YouTube In the past, I have made quite a few new online friends – some of th most inspirational and friendliest people you could ever meet! Which is another great thing about youtube. You are not alone in what you are doing, there are thousands, if not, millions, like you. You can become part of a special and unique community!

So, I am trying to decide at the moment weather I want to go back to vlogging. You may know, that recently, I got a new screen-name “Spendicable” which seems a safe name, and doesn’t give too much away, so I might give it a whirl. In fact, let’s see how many subscribers I can get, that’ll help me to decide what I’ll do…

Thanks for reading,

The Device to End All Problems

Have you ever been found guilty of something, when you are totally innocent?  Have you ever witnessed something, and no one believes you? Have you ever wished you had a camera recording 24/7, recording everything that happens in your life, to use as proof that  you are innocent, to prove to someone that you really did see that UFO? Well, now is the part where I would love to say , “Well today is your lucky today! Because we have brought out a product that will do just that!”  But, sadly, I can’t say that…


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But wouldn’t it be great? Wouldn’t the world be a far better place? As well as using this device to prove ourselves, it could help police too, to prove  if he was really drink driving, to prove if he  really did kidnap that little girl! This device could be used everywhere ! And yes, the World probably would be a far better place! Maybe less violence, less crime, more love, and more thought!

But what would this device be? We wouldn’t be happy walking around doing our daily stuff, with a huge camera attached to us would we? We wouldn’t want anything attached to us really, as most of us, are happy the way our Natural selves are! So how would this device be able to see every single thing we see?

How about something from a horror movie? A mind probe? Maybe we could get some sort of hard drive planted in our brain, and we could some how download the data! I honestly don’t won’t to think about where you would stick the cable. 

Maybe not. It would be far too dangerous, and way too expensive. But haven’t they developed several prototypes of devices that can pick up brain waves, in order to control something?  For example, real virtual gaming. What ever you do in your head, moves a character around in a game, or you can bounce a ball, just by thinking, “Up and Down. Up and Down.” So maybe our device could be something similar to that! If the technology was advanced enough, and a lot of thought, time, and care went into making this device, then we may have a winner!

It would be totally efficient as well! Not every person would even need one. Not even every household! Maybe just towns, police stations and places like that would need a few! Maybe a shop, or a section in the library, where you can use a membership card to use one of the many devices, so that you could prove the silly things to your friends. But it would benefit a lot of people, and after a few years of production, the expensive prices would drop, and drop and drop, so that one day, every household may have one!  But what would it look like?

Compare the first ever iPod to the iPod 4g today.

From my mock up picture of the Life Minder V1,  I tried to imagine what this product would look like in reality. Yes, I could have designed a tiny little device that could pick up our brain waves and nerves and stuff, but what would the reality of that be? You must start off big, to get smaller! For example, take the first ever iPod from Apple. It was one of the first MP3 players of it’s kind, and it was purely from someone’s imagination, who had a dream to be able to take all of your music wherever you go. And they eventually made their dream come to life. However, compared to today’s gadgets and gizmos, it was hardly a looker. It was bulky, it was heavy, and lets face it, it was kind of ugly. Now think of Apple’s latest iPod, the iPod 4th Generation. It is almost paper thin, it has a retina display, it is quite the looker, and is beautiful all round! But that didn’t happen overnight! To get to where the iPod is today, it took many years, many generations, and many sleepless nights for the designers at apple! And it is almost a definite, that they will never stop! In 10 years time, I could be writing this again, comparing the iPod touch 4g to the iPod air 7X . Who knows? And who knows, the Life Manager V6 may be in production by then! It’s all to do with the evolution and the advancement of technology. Every second of every day, of every week, of every month, of every year, of every decade, of every century, of every millennium, technology, is always changing. Although we don’t realise it, it is probably 95% true.  There will always be someone, somewhere, coming up with a bright idea, that moves technology to a different stage.

So, why is my Life Manager V1  not a beautiful looking, glossy, and fashionable? Well partly because of my horrible designing skills, but partly because it would be the reality! Go back to comparing the first ever iPod to the iPod 4g! It took years! And so would this device, it would take years, to become a beautiful, popular, amazing device.

Now, notice how I have never said My Device but rather our device  or this device  because I am sure I am not the only person in the world, who has thought of something like this. Probably every day, people will be thinking about this. But I thought I’d share it with you, because it is a thing I feel strongly about. The amount of times I have said to myself or someone else, “I really do wish there was some sort of way to prove to them that I did see that…” or “If only they could see that I didn’t do that…”  is unbelievable, and I bet that you have said something similar to that, in your life, at least once or twice!

So maybe the idea of the Life Minder, or something with hopefully a better name, will become a reality sometime in the not too far future! Who knows? Actually I do, I’m just gonna pop into my Time Machine, and go 10 years in the future, and pick up the prototype of the iPod Air 7x on the bar table that the apple employee left . You would think they would have learned after the last time…


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