This is a completely natural photography with no editing. It was another one I too on one of my magical photography inspirational expeditions. (Or as I like to call it, PIE. ) I called it “Buddy” because of what it is, the buds of a tree, the true sign of Spring!

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My House, My Rules.

This was a photo I took on my photography expedition yesterday. It took lots of shots just to get this little insect (bottom left of the flower) to stay still. I figured that this tiny flower was his home, and he decided where and when the picture was to be taken. Hence the name, My House, […]

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Knotted Bar Loch

~ Yet another photo from Lanark Loch. I was trying out some macro shots when I came across a railing with what reminded me of a knot. Because of the “knot” in the bar and the loch in the background, I call this one, “Knotted Bar Loch”.  ~

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~ Another photo from my recent photography expedition. I spent at least five minutes trying to get a front photo of this duck or whatever you want to call it, but the duck just didn’t want to play. I call it, “Mind Your Own Business”. ~

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Plasma Plasm

~ I call this one, “Plasma Plasm” simply because of what it is. This is a picture of a plasma globe, or ball, or whatever you want to call it. I thought it made quite a cool effect. What do you think?  ~

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Remember me?

Umm… Hi. You may remember me. I’m that kid that owns that blog called hawth.me (such a weird name, I know) and you may have noticed that I have been… well practically dead really for the past week or so. However, don’t fear! I am back and well! All the time I was away, I was doing important work […]

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My Week

I’ve been trying to get into the habit of doing this review of the week sort of thing, so here’s this week’s. It turns out that this will be a very short blog post, as for the past week, I have hardly done a thing. At the most, I’ve been playing about with the background […]

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Summer is here?

The past couple of days have been rather… what’s the word… summer like? I don’t know what it is, but there are certain things that make a day feel summery. One of the main things that make a summery day has to be the air. Now I know how stupid this sounds, but somehow, I […]

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Yesterday, I performed in a concert and I couldn’t have been more nervous. It was a concert connected to my piano lessons, but my teacher wanted me to play something by ear, which I do best. I decided weeks before the concert that I was going to play Celo Green’s Forget You, and weeks before, […]

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Night Life Night Light

~ I simply call this one, “Night Life Night Light” . Thanks to the fantastic view I get from my living room window, I got a lot of great snaps of the sun setting. This one however, has got to be one of my favourites! I love the natural image of night time in the […]

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