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Commonwealth Across the Road

So we’re well into the 2014 Commonwealth Games and I must say, I’m having a ball.

I’m always the first to admit that I’m not a sports fan, never have been, and hopefully never will be. However, living so local to a lot of events is quite thrilling, being able to take a walk and be a part of history!

I watched the triathlon relay just the other day (photos below) which was more than easy to access (and was free!). It was really quite peculiar seeing these athletes up close (especially the infamous Brownlee Brothers) after seeing them on the telly!

I think it’s great that Scotland is getting much deserved attention at the moment, even if the opening ceremony was a little disappointing as some of the locals are saying!

Nonetheless, there’s a really great buzz, in Scotland anyway, as we look onto our television screens and point out all the landmarks and places we’ve been years ago and recently, it’s all good fun!

There’s still a good bulk of games to come and look forward to attending some more Commonwealth events whilst I can, one of those “never again in your life” things!


To Turn a Corner in London

To turn a corner in London is to witness something completely new. It’s true, you never know what you’re going to find – a photographer’s paradise. 20140702-205924-75564245.jpg

Holloway Road Rush

Another throwback (it doesn’t have to be Thursday, does it?) to my trip to London back in November. Arriving in London, the first thing that struck me was the insane chaos of people rushing in their daily commute at 8:45am. 20140702-200027-72027012.jpg


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