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All Tied Up

Another one from a little while back in Girvan. At the harbour three boats floated in the shallow water, all tied up waiting for their captains…

Learn the Ropes

Another one from a “wee” while back when I was in the seaside town of Girvin. My camera seemed to focus more on the ropes which I thought created quite a good picture.  When editing it and trying to come up with a title,  I first thought of “Learn to Tie The Ropes” but mother soon corrected me by telling me it was “Learn the Ropes”. So, I give you… “Learn the Ropes”.

Time Doesn’t Matter…

Ever had that feeling of timelessness? Some say that’s what heaven feels like – there’s no such thing as time, just eternity. But I didn’t have to go to heaven just to feel no sense of time. I went to a small seaside town with a harbour about a month ago. My soul was grabbed, looking down the dock with the fail of a lighthouse at the bottom. That’s, when I felt timeless. I was in eternity, whilst the world moved on around me.


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