All Tied Up

Another one from a little while back in Girvan. At the harbour three boats floated in the shallow water, all tied up waiting for their captains…

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Learn the Ropes

Another one from a “wee” while back when I was in the seaside town of Girvin. My camera seemed to focus more on the ropes which I thought created quite a good picture.  When editing it and trying to come up with a title,  I first thought of “Learn to Tie The Ropes” but mother […]

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Time Doesn’t Matter…

Ever had that feeling of timelessness? Some say that’s what heaven feels like – there’s no such thing as time, just eternity. But I didn’t have to go to heaven just to feel no sense of time. I went to a small seaside town with a harbour about a month ago. My soul was grabbed, […]

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Fly Away Home

This was another photo I took whilst in Girvan earlier this week. Of course, it has been edited but I just had to make that bird the centre piece. I was lucky enough to catch it in mid-flight and gave me the impression of this particular bird going home for the night as the sun […]

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Long Harbour

When looking through my photos earlier, I realised that I haven’t yet uploaded any panorama pictures, and it’s such a shame because I should use and share as many features of a camera as I can. When at the harbour early this week, I tried a little shot and this showed almost the full length […]

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Where’s the Food?

Another one from the beach from some day this week… Anyway, ever noticed that if you eat anything near seagulls, they almost point it out with radar and start surrounding you? Well that was what happened… I never knew they liked sausage suppers so much!

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Danger: No Swimming in Harbour

This one is edited. Obviously. Gutted that picnik is closing, I have been searching for another online free, but good editor and I’ve been experimenting with a few. Anyway, yet again, one I took at the harbour in Girvan- a seaside town. I simply called it what the old writing on the ground says, “Danger: […]

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Screaming Seagulls

This is by far, to me at least, the best photo I have ever taken. It is so clear, and believe it or not, it is completely natural; I have not applied any editing whatsoever. I’m not feeling very creative today, so I simply called it, “Screaming Seagulls”. And yes, I did take it at […]

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