I’m in the Mood!

I think we can all safely say that we are well in to Autumn. I mean look around you (assuming you are somewhere on the earth where it is Autumn at the moment)! Actually, I guess we could say it is winter now since we turned the clocks back only last night… Personally, I think […]

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Photography in the Home

At the moment, it is just near the middle of my summer holidays. To my regret, I have not taken one photo so far. It has either been too rainy and horrible weather outside to go out or I’ve had to be doing something else. No photos have been taken at all. If you are […]

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My Life Has Changed?

I have just came home after two night stay in an institute which may possibly have changed my life, or at least my views on life. The conference was held  by “The Society of Saint Vincent De Paul” (Or just SSVP) and was aimed at us young folk who could be doing more to help the people most in […]

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I’m fat, but healthy.

I am fat. Yes, there are people who remind me of that everyday, and there are people who try and be nice and persuade me that I’m not. So, yes, to begin with, I’m overweight. But… I’m healthier than alot of people. It may not show, but I can actually say that I am healthier than a heck of a lot of people I know. Yes, I admit I could exercise more, and stay cautious of what I’m eating,  but yes, I am healthier than at least half of the people in my year. For example, take my made-up teenage boy named, “Examplo Skinnio” . He represents an average teenage boy. […]

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