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“A Night to Remember”

One hundred years ago, the White Star Line RMS Titanic, sunk in the Atlantic Ocean…

This isn’t a post to tell you about the Titanic, it’s a sort or “thoughts and feelings” post. I could never imagine what it was like on that night. I know I would have died of the stress and fear if I had been on the ship.


I’ve seen so many films and television programmes featuring the Titanic. Almost all of us have seen James Cameron’s version of the events on Titanic, but although there were probably true love stories on the real ship, I don’t like how we are concentrating more on the love story, and I think a few parts could be taken out for our own sake… I’ve watched several documentaries and read so much about the Titanic that I feel as if I was a ghost on it. I’ve also been watching the current ITV series called “Titanic” a four part “epic drama” according to the STV player programme information. And despite it still grabbing my attentions and emotions, I don’t feel it gets me so much. However, there is one film which creates the right impression of Titanic. To me anyway…

Walter Lord’s “A Night to Remember” was the best film, to me, of the Titanic. Bearing in mind, this particular film was made public in 1958, way before the era of green screens and CGI and all that jazz. It showed the hard time the crew had but at the same time captured all of the scenes and events we had to see.

But enough about films.

RMS Titanic

- - (Photo credit: Wikipedia) - -

The story of Titanic almost annoys me. No one, unless they are not right in the head, can say they  enjoyed or liked the story of Titanic. It was such a tragic event and so many people lost there lives. However, it’s not that fact which annoyed me most. In fact, there was a few things that annoyed me. The first being the bluntness of the owners and builders of the ship who never put enough life boats on board the ship, and they barely met the safety regulations of the day. The second thing being the classes. Luckily, we are fortunate enough not to be categorised as widely as they did in the early 1900s. To me, first class, second class and third class was a joke. It was wrong. All should have been treated alike and everyone should have put their differences apart. Almost all of the programmes, documentaries and films feature this; the way the different passengers in different classes acted to wards their lower classes and superiors. And both of these annoying things tie together at the life boat part. First class woman and children first. Then second class woman and children first. Then third class, but both second class and third class and even some first class passengers didn’t stand a chance of survival, or a place on the life boats. The first class would have been complaining about how the situation was going (according to the films I have seen), second class would be trying and some failing to get on a life boat, most of them happy just to be safe, and third class, the ones with the most common sense the ones who listened and wanted to be on life boats and wanted to be in safety and wanted to stay alive.

But this all happened. And this event has changed the world. Our ships are now safer today thanks to the disaster of the Titanic. But all I can say is rest in peace to those who died on that night, and those who are now dead but survived to tell the tale.

My Day. Yesterday.

Yesterday was a pretty good day.

I went to the beach yesterday. Girvan to be precise, and I don’t mind telling you that because it is billions of miles away from my actual home. Anyway…

Girvan is a great little seaside town. Actually, it is almost a village. As well as the usual features of a seaside place such as fish and chips shops and family amusements, Girvin is home to a small but active harbour, mostly used for fishing. You can look the place up on Google maps because I am not going to sit here and recreate a Wikipedia page on the seaside town of Girvan.

The day was mostly filled with me taking photos almost every second of the time we were out of the car. We meaning my mum, dad and I. You can see all of my photos below this boring writing part of the blog post.

There isn’t really any interesting shops in Girvan to me, bearing in mind that it was Easter Monday and most shops were closed so we just circled the centre of the town a few billion times and then off to the amusements where we spent three pounds fifty exactly and came out with two pence. We then decided to eat. I had a sausage supper if you were wondering, and it was very interesting. What was also interesting was my experience in the fish and chips shop whilst waiting on my order…

A quiet little shop I thought. Then a tall, thin and half ginger man walked in. Thirteen pre-teen boys followed behind him. Only some of them were ginger. I soon discovered that they were Irish. I shall have to explain my love of the Irish and their accent later. Every single one of them except the fat half dead one ordered chicken burgers. Never in my life would I have thought I would be standing in a small chip shop with thirteen irish boys all except one continually asking for chicken burgers, all without batter. It was like a dream I was about to have that came true.

After my fantastic experience with the Irish children and the fat, juicy sausages, we took a stroll to the end of the pier which was easy to fall off and drown, and back. We went to the amusements once again. We went in with a fair bit of money, and came out in debt. If that is even possible.

Not much happened after that. A stop at the local ASDA which was alive with the sound of screaming children, and then the journey hone mostly filled with me sleeping and dreaming of thirteen Irish children ordering chicken burgers with no batter, all except the fat one. Before going home-home we went to our local TESCO to get a bucket. I’m still figuring that one out myself.

So overall, a great day and plenty of photos will getting uploaded throughout the day as well as the photos below.

P.S, In case you were wondering, the fat Irish boy did not order anything from the chip shop. Surprising or what?

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