Holloway Road Rush

Another throwback (it doesn’t have to be Thursday, does it?) to my trip to London back in November. Arriving in London, the first thing that struck me was the insane chaos of people rushing in their daily commute at 8:45am.

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Waiting for a Ride

Now here’s a throwback and a half: way back in last November when I was down in London, I took many, many photos. I lost interest in them for a little while but got bored the other day and began to rediscover them – they’re not too bad with a little bit of polishing up!

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Two Faced (Not So Big Ben)

Another from the London collection – Big Ben itself! Well, actually, I suppose that is incorrect since ‘Big Ben’ is the name given to the famous bell. I believe the structure goes by the name of St. Stephen’s Tower. Please don’t shoot me down if Google has failed me in finding this out… My reasoning for including “Not So […]

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A Vision of London

It was so strange when we arrived in London. One minute, we were travelling through some streets, just off of the motorway and the next, we were slap-bang caught in a traffic jam in the centre of London. We went on the Thames River Cruise and I managed to sneak a few nice, crane flooded photos whilst […]

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My Day. Yesterday.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I went to the beach yesterday. Girvan to be precise, and I don’t mind telling you that because it is billions of miles away from my actual home. Anyway… Girvan is a great little seaside town. Actually, it is almost a village. As well as the usual features of […]

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