I took this one whilst, once again, out with my family yesterday. I call it, “Lookout” because of the plant’s position. It may not be very clear, but behind the blurriness of the background, lies an airport and these plants looked directly onto the runway as if they were a lookout for the planes. A beautiful moment for a beautiful picture.

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My House, My Rules.

This was a photo I took on my photography expedition yesterday. It took lots of shots just to get this little insect (bottom left of the flower) to stay still. I figured that this tiny flower was his home, and he decided where and when the picture was to be taken. Hence the name, My House, […]

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Knotted Bar Loch

~ Yet another photo from Lanark Loch. I was trying out some macro shots when I came across a railing with what reminded me of a knot. Because of the “knot” in the bar and the loch in the background, I call this one, “Knotted Bar Loch”.  ~

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Check Mate

~ I call this one, “Check Mate” and I don’t think it needs any explanation! Even although the pieces haven’t even moved! I was trying to do some macro work, and after editing, I thought this turned out quite well actually! ~

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Is It Time Yet?

~ I call this one, “Is it time yet?” because of the after effect of the editing process.  To me, I though the cross process effect and the fancy focus helped make the main (artificial) flower look as if it’s ready to perform, as if it’s been waiting a long time for this moment.  ~

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