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I’ve been getting pretty stressed out recently. And with that I’ve also been getting very, very, very bored, when I’m procrastinating. So I thought it would be good timing if I got you guys involved more! After all, I don’t know what you want to read or see!

So I wanna set you guys a challenge. And that challenge is to challenge me. In the box a the end of this post, write a fun and SAFE challenge that I could do, but make it something that I could write about, or could take a picture of, or even film!

I’m open to almost any challenge, so long as it is safe and doable. It’s just a fun little thing, and you can even be anonymous if you want. If you do want to be mentioned when I do it, just write your name at the end of your challenge that you are setting me.

So, that’s it, fire  away and do your worst! Oh and, I’m not just doing one, I’ll try and do as many as I can!



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