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A Ship at Sea


©Hawth.meI snapped this photo just the other week whilst at the seaside. A ship at sea (generally its natural habitat) caught my attention and naturally, my hands went for my camera. Photography really has taken over.

A Fisherman’s Friend

© A Fisherman's Friend

© A Fisherman's FriendA photo from some random date over the past few days when at the beach. Amazing what you find.

Left Behind

© [Click to view larger image]

Another photo from a few weeks back when I was at the beach. Yet again, it was Mother who pointed this little spade in the sand and before she could say “Snap that shovel!” well… I did just that.

Oh, and sorry for the awful editing, I tried my best!

Where’s the Message?


Scrap all the other times I have said this, but this is my best photo yet. I hate being rather boastful, but I love the way I have captured this, the lighting, the angle, everything is perfect!

I took it yesterday whilst at the seaside, and this is exactly how I found this bottle. Usually, bottles that have been washed up by the sea are supposed to have messages in them, haven’t they?

That;’s the reason I call this one, “Where’s the Message?”

Swan and Cygnets


By far, one of my best photos so far.  This, is a completely un-edited photo. It’s kind of fresh I suppose too – I only took it about seven hours ago.

Not enough of us appreciate water in our world. It’s not just about our uses, but the uses of nature. Without water, these beautiful cygnets would not be here, and we would have nothing nice to look at here.

So appreciate the world’s water. It’s something of beauty and a sign of life.

Sneaking Through


Yet another one from Ayr. A photo I took overlooking an abandoned field and further than that, the airport, and even further, away in the distance, Arran.

The Sun Goes Down, The Stars Come Out


Not much to say about this one. Just take it all in and admire the beauty of the universe and it’s tiny spheres and glowing circles… And no, I did not quite any song, the photograph is actually called that, because I said so. Ok? Good. Byeee….

A Loyal Seaman


I took this one yesterday, so you could say it is fresh. I travelled all the way to the sea side, the west one, with my trusty camera. I took a heck of a lot of pictures. Some including pictures of seagulls. Pictures like this poser, a loyal seaman…

Vampires or Witches?

Greetings! A very merry Friday to you too!

I’ve just came back from seeing “Dark Shadows” at the cinema which I honestly loved! Therefore, I probably will do a small review or something on it, just to try  and encourage you to go and see it!

But before I go any further, let’s take a look at how last week’s pool got on.

I based last weeks poll on the sci-fi theme as it was Star Wars day (May the Fourth Be With You). So, I set out the poll, “Star Wars or Doctor Who”.

I also mentioned last week that I was hoping for a little more of a response as the previous poll only got three votes. Well, I can say there has been some improvement. Yup. You guessed it. Four people voted this time. Dramatic improvement, eh?

Ah well, hopefully it will get better this week. But here are the results for this week.

Total No. of Votes: 4

Star Wars: 1 (25%)

Doctor Who: 3 (75%)


Okay, back to business…

As I mentioned, I just seen “Dark Shadows” a great film that is only out really, and one which I strongly reccomend you see if you like a good comedy/horror/romantic film.

But it came to my mind whilst watching the film that an interesting poll could possibly emerge! As you do…

Normally, in other films which do not deserve to be named on this blog, it’s always vampires versus humans, with a hint of werewolf and all that jazz. Well, in this film, it’s vampire against witches.

And so…

Here is this weeks poll, and please, just click ONE of the options! It’s free, anonymous and simple! One click and you’re done! No personal info needed, it’s just an anonymous and fun poll!

Dizzy Stairs


This was one I took whilst in Edinburgh, once again, on Monday. This, once again, was taken in the Scott Monument as I was making the slow decent of 200 ft and 287 steps, down the narrow spiral staircase. That  was one hell of a climb.


Not the Busy Street


This is a photo I edited from my trip to Edinburgh on Monday. I call it, “Not the Busy Street’” as although I thought Edinburgh was a very busy place, I hardly saw a lot of cars, but maybe that was because of the road works and tram works that are going on throughout Edinburgh.I’ve put a black and white layer over the photo and highlighted all things possible to do with traffic and roads etc. This was taken whilst I was up in the Scott Monument by the way. You though I mastered the art of flying there, didn’t you?

A Day in the Capital City (Part 2)


As promised…

Well, I finished my last blog post off with me leaving you hanging, awaiting my photos from the top of the Scott Monument, Edinburgh. Well… here they are.

Unlike the last blog post, I won’t make a comment for almost every picture, I’ll just let you see for yourself, what is was really like.

This was all part of my day out in Edinburgh on Monday by the way. As if you didn’t guess that already… as if you didn’t read the title… dot… dot… dot…

The Scott monument was built in August of 1844 and is approximately 200 ft or 61.1 m. I climbed all 287 steps to the very top. All 287 steps. No lift or elevator. Just stairs. And I climbed all 287. To make it even worse, the stairs got narrower, as you will see in one of the pictures. Not the ideal thing to do if you are claustrophobic person!

Anyway, here they are. Enjoy!

A Day in the Capital City (Part 1)


Today, I visited Scotland, my home’s, capital city, Edinburgh.

As a treat for my mum after her birthday, we thought we’d take her to Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. As if you didn’t already know that. Anyway… as always, I took my trusty camera along with me and would I disappoint you by not sharing the photos with you? Umm…. NAW MATE! As they say in the local areas and so on…

Just under an hour’s train journey kicked the day off. Nothing much. Just a bad photo now and then. But here’s a picture I took of the ground. It features a lot of shoes. And crumbs. And so on…

We soon arrived in Edinburgh full of energy and enthusiasm for some tourism and some shopping. Yeay. My views on shopping are for another blog post for another day.

Anyway, Waverley Station was being refurbished or something. I hope it was under construction, because then the highly spoken of station, would be nothing more than mazes of cardboard walls with pictures of what the station will look like in a few years, and scaffolding for a roof. I took a picture of a pillar however…

Then, we had to take a toilet brake. Just off of a train, and into the pits of hell. Well, I never actually, because I couldn’t afford it! – Thirty bloody pence to use a toilet! I’m sure they’re not exactly made of gold, and if they were, I’m sure they would have been stolen already!

However, the location of the toilets pleased me. A kind of large food-hall was presented before my eyes, but that wasn’t what caught my eye. It was the roof. This was the only roof I found however, without scaffolding over it.

Afterwards, I took a picture of a postbox. Yup…

Then it was off outside. I took many pictures of the things around me, including the Scott Monument which you will see more of later on in the post, Edinburgh Castle, and various other objects, animals, and landmarks and buildings and so on and just and.

At precisely one o’clock, our hearts exited their places and went a walk for a little bit. I’m talking about Edinburgh Castle’s “One O’Clock Gun”. Here’s what some histroy according to the castle’s website…

Fired almost every day since 1861, it is a tradition remaining from the days when it was a time signal for ships in the Firth of Forth and the port of Leith.

I only just got a photo of the remaining smoke from the deafening bang…

Then it was off for a spot of lunch in the local department store. I had a plate of chips, which contributed to the total cost of thirty one pounds. And that was only for one meal each! – Rip off!

Actually, before lunch, now thinking on it, there was one other thing before lunch. In fact, how could I forget it?

We turned the corner only to see what we thought  was a war zone, but really, was only the army recruiting using some demonstrative objects and things and so on. Such as…

Afterwards, was lunch as I mentioned before, and then shopping. And more shopping. And more shopping. But then, I climbed over two hundred feet of stairs.

Why? I hear you ask? Well…

You’ll just have to come back tomorrow for more,  because I really must dash, but do come back to see the stunning shots of Edinburgh I got from two hundred feet up!

Here’s a sneak peek for now, and byeee!

A Green Plant in Focus


Nothing to say about this photograph. Just a green plant in focus.

Mother’s Role


We don’t appreciate the role of our mothers. Not just pots and pans and washing and dusting. Think about it deeply. Can you make a list with all of the things your mother does or did for you? The answer is no. Know why? Because the list would be never ending.

The Sun


The things I do for you lot. I’ve probably damaged my camera lens by taking this shot. But hey, it was worth it, wasn’t it? The way the movement of the clouds, the shillouettes of the trees and the giant suburban flood light have been captured. But even more importantly, the centrepiece. – The reason I call this one, “The Sun”. Quite simply, “The Sun”.

All Tied Up


Another one from a little while back in Girvan. At the harbour three boats floated in the shallow water, all tied up waiting for their captains…

Insect Roller Coaster


Sunday is a great day for me. A relaxing day. It mostly consists of me being on my laptop all day either playing Minecraft, browsing about or editing my photographs. Well, so far I’ve done all three. And this is the third part. I edited a photo. It’s a photo I took a long time back in my local park. It just shows you how many great photos you can have and yet you don’t realise it.

This one is called “Insect Roller Coaster” simply because… well… think about it! This is a dying plant of some sort and it has curled round so the thought of a little roller coaster comes to mind, made for little insects…

Learn the Ropes


Another one from a “wee” while back when I was in the seaside town of Girvin. My camera seemed to focus more on the ropes which I thought created quite a good picture.  When editing it and trying to come up with a title,  I first thought of “Learn to Tie The Ropes” but mother soon corrected me by telling me it was “Learn the Ropes”. So, I give you… “Learn the Ropes”.

Time Doesn’t Matter…

Ever had that feeling of timelessness? Some say that’s what heaven feels like – there’s no such thing as time, just eternity. But I didn’t have to go to heaven just to feel no sense of time. I went to a small seaside town with a harbour about a month ago. My soul was grabbed, looking down the dock with the fail of a lighthouse at the bottom. That’s, when I felt timeless. I was in eternity, whilst the world moved on around me.

Fly Away Home

This was another photo I took whilst in Girvan earlier this week. Of course, it has been edited but I just had to make that bird the centre piece. I was lucky enough to catch it in mid-flight and gave me the impression of this particular bird going home for the night as the sun was setting.

Long Harbour

When looking through my photos earlier, I realised that I haven’t yet uploaded any panorama pictures, and it’s such a shame because I should use and share as many features of a camera as I can. When at the harbour early this week, I tried a little shot and this showed almost the full length of the entrance to the docks.

Where’s the Food?

Another one from the beach from some day this week… Anyway, ever noticed that if you eat anything near seagulls, they almost point it out with radar and start surrounding you? Well that was what happened… I never knew they liked sausage suppers so much!

Girvan Harbour Life Anchor

Yet another one from Girvan Harbour, as stated on the life ring thing. Not much explaining to do here, just another wee bit of photography!


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