Where’s the Message?

Scrap all the other times I have said this, but this is my best photo yet. I hate being rather boastful, but I love the way I have captured this, the lighting, the angle, everything is perfect! I took it yesterday whilst at the seaside, and this is exactly how I found this bottle. Usually, […]

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Swan and Cygnets

By far, one of my best photos so far.  This, is a completely un-edited photo. It’s kind of fresh I suppose too – I only took it about seven hours ago. Not enough of us appreciate water in our world. It’s not just about our uses, but the uses of nature. Without water, these beautiful […]

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A Loyal Seaman

I took this one yesterday, so you could say it is fresh. I travelled all the way to the sea side, the west one, with my trusty camera. I took a heck of a lot of pictures. Some including pictures of seagulls. Pictures like this poser, a loyal seaman…

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Vampires or Witches?

Greetings! A very merry Friday to you too! I’ve just came back from seeing “Dark Shadows” at the cinema which I honestly loved! Therefore, I probably will do a small review or something on it, just to try  and encourage you to go and see it! But before I go any further, let’s take a look […]

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Dizzy Stairs

This was one I took whilst in Edinburgh, once again, on Monday. This, once again, was taken in the Scott Monument as I was making the slow decent of 200 ft and 287 steps, down the narrow spiral staircase. That  was one hell of a climb.  

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Not the Busy Street

This is a photo I edited from my trip to Edinburgh on Monday. I call it, “Not the Busy Street’” as although I thought Edinburgh was a very busy place, I hardly saw a lot of cars, but maybe that was because of the road works and tram works that are going on throughout Edinburgh.I’ve […]

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Mother’s Role

We don’t appreciate the role of our mothers. Not just pots and pans and washing and dusting. Think about it deeply. Can you make a list with all of the things your mother does or did for you? The answer is no. Know why? Because the list would be never ending.

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The Sun

The things I do for you lot. I’ve probably damaged my camera lens by taking this shot. But hey, it was worth it, wasn’t it? The way the movement of the clouds, the shillouettes of the trees and the giant suburban flood light have been captured. But even more importantly, the centrepiece. – The reason […]

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All Tied Up

Another one from a little while back in Girvan. At the harbour three boats floated in the shallow water, all tied up waiting for their captains…

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Insect Roller Coaster

Sunday is a great day for me. A relaxing day. It mostly consists of me being on my laptop all day either playing Minecraft, browsing about or editing my photographs. Well, so far I’ve done all three. And this is the third part. I edited a photo. It’s a photo I took a long time […]

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