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Where’s the Message?

Scrap all the other times I have said this, but this is my best photo yet. I hate being rather boastful, but I love the way I have captured this, the lighting, the angle, everything is perfect!

I took it yesterday whilst at the seaside, and this is exactly how I found this bottle. Usually, bottles that have been washed up by the sea are supposed to have messages in them, haven’t they?

That;’s the reason I call this one, “Where’s the Message?”

Swan and Cygnets

By far, one of my best photos so far.  This, is a completely un-edited photo. It’s kind of fresh I suppose too – I only took it about seven hours ago.

Not enough of us appreciate water in our world. It’s not just about our uses, but the uses of nature. Without water, these beautiful cygnets would not be here, and we would have nothing nice to look at here.

So appreciate the world’s water. It’s something of beauty and a sign of life.

Heating Up

Yet another snap from the view of Prestwick Airport. The heating to keep the little pilot’s room warm…


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