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A Green Plant in Focus

Nothing to say about this photograph. Just a green plant in focus.

Insect Roller Coaster

Sunday is a great day for me. A relaxing day. It mostly consists of me being on my laptop all day either playing Minecraft, browsing about or editing my photographs. Well, so far I’ve done all three. And this is the third part. I edited a photo. It’s a photo I took a long time back in my local park. It just shows you how many great photos you can have and yet you don’t realise it.

This one is called “Insect Roller Coaster” simply because… well… think about it! This is a dying plant of some sort and it has curled round so the thought of a little roller coaster comes to mind, made for little insects…

Last Chance

This was one f the photos I took whilst in my local park today. Just a normal daffodil apart from the fact that half of its petals are gone and yet it shines so brightly. So, the impression of its “last chance” comes to mind…


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