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Snow, Snow and …Oh! More snow! 

So, on one of my latest blog posts, I started going on about snow. And my wishes came true. I really did wake up in a Winter Wonderland. However, for many others, it was A Winter Trip to Hell.

First of all, my school bus never turned up so  I volunteered to walk 3 miles to school. Wouldn’t you if you had Social Dancing? (If you do not know what that is, then, leave. )

On my long walk, I encountered snow, snow, and yeas, snow, as well as plenty of people falling down, plenty of cars smashing into other things. And people. And plenty of chaos. I LOVED IT!

However, rather close to my school, this was the image:

Although it’s not a good photo, and hard to see, this bus was inches away from coliding into a shop, after I don’t know what happened. The worst thing is, I believe there was Primary School Children on that bus…

Anyway, a fun day it has been, being pelted with snowballs, slipping on ice, and looking forward to it all again tomorrow!

Now, if you please excuse me, I have to go and play in the snow.



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