Thank You Hackers

So yeah, I kind of lost my Twitter account tonight. I actually nearly lost a lot of things tonight including my Facebook account and email account as some bright hacker thinks they can take control of my accounts. The attacks don’t surprise me anymore because I usually get these hacking occurrences once or twice a […]

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An Update on Life

So. Hey. It’s been a while. Yup. You may have noticed I haven’t been around lately. The reason? I don’t know. For some reason, I just haven’t had the motivation to blog. Instead, I have been getting more and more addicted to twitter and trying out new things on the internet. And you know what? […]

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A Loyal Seaman

I took this one yesterday, so you could say it is fresh. I travelled all the way to the sea side, the west one, with my trusty camera. I took a heck of a lot of pictures. Some including pictures of seagulls. Pictures like this poser, a loyal seaman…

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Vampires or Witches?

Greetings! A very merry Friday to you too! I’ve just came back from seeing “Dark Shadows” at the cinema which I honestly loved! Therefore, I probably will do a small review or something on it, just to try  and encourage you to go and see it! But before I go any further, let’s take a look […]

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I have come to a decision. My blog has been failing recently and I have decided that I need to get a life. So… As from 5:00 PM today, there will be no more This blog and all of it’s contents are to be deleted. As well as that, my Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and […]

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Give Me a Challenge

No longer active! I’ve been getting pretty stressed out recently. And with that I’ve also been getting very, very, very bored, when I’m procrastinating. So I thought it would be good timing if I got you guys involved more! After all, I don’t know what you want to read or see! So I wanna set you guys […]

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New Domain!

HOOORAAHHHHH! The day has finally come, where I am up one more level on the blogging ladder. I have a new domain name! A domain name, is basically the address of a web-site or blog. For example, my previous one was but now, I’ve upgraded! So, now you can direct your way to… So, […]

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Happy New Year!

So, with less than an hour to go before 2012, I want to wish you a very Happy New Year. Thank you, everyone, who has helped me along the way this year, and I hope 2012 is a special year for you. Next year, I hope to accomplish many things, and make it the best […]

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