I Went to the Park

As it wasn’t a bad day with a hint of sun, my dad, mum and me, went to the local park. The main purpose was to give the inside of our car its regular clean. but luckily I got to escape from the cleaning as I had brought my camera with me. So, I thought […]

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This is a photo of a dog. It’s not mine, but I did get permission to take a picture of it. It’s the same dog that inspired me to write the web-book I am currently writing called “The Magical Land”. It was a really well trained dog and at that  specific moment in time, he […]

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This is a completely natural photography with no editing. It was another one I too on one of my magical photography inspirational expeditions. (Or as I like to call it, PIE. ) I called it “Buddy” because of what it is, the buds of a tree, the true sign of Spring!

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